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Cool Bathroom Ideas

Do you get bored with your interior bathroom designs which only like that? Or do you have planned to renovate it? If so, then you can try cool bathroom ideas below.

Cool Bathroom Ideas For Wet Bathroom

The distinctive feature of this design lies in the wet bathroom floor which is often wet due to the exposure to water splashes.

Cool Bathroom Ideas

Besides using a tub, you can also use the shower to cleanse the body.

The location of a place to store and the use of shower can also be adapted to the existing space, not always contiguous.

The size of the bathroom can also be customized with the house. You can use the L letter design for your bathroom. The main door is placed in front of the storage.

You can add a mirror vertically in the shower room, including the bay window on the upper side.

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You can also add cabinets as your storage for your bathing equipment on the horizontal side.

To make it even more relaxed, you can choose tile made of rocks or select a unique mosaic.

If those are not enough, you can design it with unusual colors such as purple, a blend of black and white, orange, or your favorite color.

Cool Bathroom Ideas For Half-Dry Bathroom

This design is the most suitable design for a minimalist. Two main items are commonly available in this bathroom. Those are shower and toilet.

Half-Dry Bathroom

Moreover, you can use a curtain to restrict wet and dry areas to get the neater bathroom.

Use plastic or plain glass curtain to make it look larger since the barrier does not block the eyes.

Cool Bathroom Ideas For Dry Bathroom

This idea offers to change the concept of the old-style bathroom into a magnificent, simple display.

You can use tile for decorating the walls and floor. It can give a fresh and grandeur impression.

You can also choose the granite patterns to fill the entire walls and floors.

Also, fill out space on the right side with white washbasin, long mirror, and white cabinets next to them.

Cool Bathroom Ideas By Adding Decorations

The appearance of the bathroom is a necessity to get the users to feel comfortable in using the bathroom.

Dry Bathroom

It is not too complicated to beautify it. You only need some new touches, such as:


Display a beautiful and high art painting that can make your bathroom look elegant.

Wall lights

Besides adding the brightness of your bathroom, some cool lamp attached to the wall can beautify your bathroom. It will give a luxurious impression to your bathroom.


Give a little touch of nature such as plants or flowers. They can make you feel fresh and relaxed.

Multi-function cabinet

To get the comfortable and cool bathroom, you have to put multi-function cabinet. You can put your items there such as towels, toiletries, and others.

You can hang the cabinet for the installation to save space.

To sum up, the point is you have to use your imagination and inspiration.

Do not just be based on one color or a single design. Try collaborating bright and soft colors so your bathroom will not be stuffy.

Seek as much information as for how to design bathroom and then apply those cool bathroom ideas.