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Country Bathroom For a Country House

Living in a country house will be perfect to explore your country bathroom ideas. Indeed it can be an exciting project. You can even do this country bathroom project with a low budget. Great idea, isn’t it?

Relaxing Country Bathroom

For you who love spending some relaxing time in the bathroom, country bathroom design can be a great interior.

A country house usually has a traditional bathroom interior design.

Country bathroom

It will be the perfect support for you. If you have limited space for the bathroom, you can install the bath in the corner of the room where you can leave some space in one side of the bath.

It will be perfect if you also build a simple window with a glazed window door in this side.

You can make use space between the bath and the window to put some stuff like candles or flowers. To make the bathroom efficient put the shower over the bath.

So you can take a shower and a bath in the same spot.

What about the color? White can be a great preference. White porcelain bath and white sink are great furniture for your country bathroom.

Since white is a neutral color, you can easily pick any country decoration to make it really country.

The bathroom decoration should be including a window shade with country patterns, the old drawer can also be a perfect decoration and storage for your bath amenities, and a wire basket would be perfect to be part of the country bathroom ideas which you can also use to put your laundry.

An Outdoor Bathroom

Does it really mean to take a bath outside? Of course not. It is an idea to build a shower with outdoor scenery.

Most country houses are located in the suburb, so they are built in a large land.

Decorate country bathroom

So, you can build the bathroom with a large glazed door or windows through which you can enjoy the great scenery of your garden.

Choose a bronze color to decorate your country bathroom….

You can have sand colored tiles for the floor and a classic design bath near the glazed door and windows.

Choose the glazed material which will help you see the outside scenery clearly, but hard to see to the bathroom from the outside.

To keep your bath amenities, you can install rustic storage under the sink. Put a rustic wire basket to put the laundry to it.

A simple wooden rack in the corner will also be perfect to put your towels. For this gorgeous country bathroom, you have to manage the shower room carefully.

The simplest idea for the shower room is to build it in the corner of the room, near the bath. You need to install a glazed door to prevent any wet.

To decorate the bathroom, you also need a canvas curtain to cover the glazed door or windows in the side of the bath.

In case you want to make it an indoor bathroom, you can close the curtain. It is great country bathroom ideas for your country house.