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Tile Bathroom Ideas for Your Private Place

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house. This room often used by both residents and guests.

Therefore, the selection of its properties and interior must also be appropriate, especially the tiles.

Tiles For Your Bathroom

Below are tile bathroom ideas which will certainly make your bathroom enchanting.

Select The Proper Tiles For Your Bathroom

Choose tiles made of porcelain, rock material, or even glass.

This type of ceramics is sold in a variety of shapes and sizes. Various types of natural stone tiles such as limestone and marble are suitable to be applied to the wall, especially in the shower.

Keep in mind that the coating has been added to the ceramic material of rock material to make it not easily seeped.

You can also consider using glass or white tiles. They will give deep and sparkling impression to your bathroom. It also helps your bathroom lighting.

Check The Tiles Material

Check the material whether it is slippery or not. This point is closely related to the users’ safety.

Tiles Material

In wet condition, tiled with a shiny texture is slippery. Therefore, select tiles that are not too shiny.

Select Motifs And Patterns That Appropriate With Your Bathroom

When choosing the motif and patterns use for tile bathroom ideas, some people may recommend white color which is the most neutral color compared to others.

Moreover, you can also choose the patterned tiles which allow you to add a different touch to your bathroom. For example, thick mosaic tiles will add a busy bit.

You can get the tile with fewer lines of only have one color without a pattern to get a sense of calm.

You can also use colors that will enhance the warmth to add coziness to the bathroom’s users.

Find The Right Color Combination

To accomplish the right atmosphere, you can use more colors by combining them.

Combining black and white tiles will give a fresh and modern look. Then, if you want to get a warm impression, you should use soft green tiles or blue tiles.

Appropriate Tile Size

Any pattern can be applied as a tiled bathroom. For example, you want a wood pattern, but it is not possible to use the wood material in the shower.

Therefore you can select wood fiber patterned tiles. Current technology can produce porcelain ceramic innovation. You can get and choose any style from rock to wood motif.

Select The Appropriate Tile Size

The tile size will help you create the space illusion. Generally, the tiles are offered in several sizes, including small, medium, and extra large.

The small size is offered in 2, 4, 6 and 10 inches. Medium size is available in 12 inches, while the extra large are available in 14 and 18 inches.

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However, if you have a small bathroom, you should avoid small tiles since it will create the impression of the small and narrow room.

Use Your Imagination

You also might consider using two sizes and patterns as tile bathroom ideas.

Combining two sizes and patterns allow you to add a different touch to your bathroom.

If you plan to use solid color tiles, it is better to add tiles barrier of choosing a different color.

By doing this, you can create a beautiful visual in your bathroom.